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Current Opportunities: Get Involved

This page highlights upcoming opportunities that MRBTA members can get involved in. These could be MRBTA initiatives, industry initiatives or opportunities in the local area. If you know of any relevant opportunities that your fellow MRBTA members could get involved in, get in touch with us!

What it’s like to travel Australia today as a LGBTQ+ traveller

By Business Insights, Get Involved, Member Events, Workshops & Industry Training

About The Author: Charlie Douty, Co-Founder of Husbands That Travel Together with his husband, Charlie has extensively explored Australia, sharing their travels with a 140K-strong Instagram community, @husbands.thattravel. He’s partnered with Hilton Australasia, Destination NSW, and MRBTA to deliver LGBTQIA+ inclusivity workshops. He’s recently founded the “Welcome with Pride” accreditation…

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