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Ancient Lands Discovery Park at Ngilgi Cave


The Ngilgi Cave Ancient Lands Experience project aims to develop a unique above ground experience which capitalises on the natural and cultural features of the area and complements the below ground experience at Ngilgi Cave. Through this project, MRBTA aims to foster a deeper appreciation of the world around the cave through an engaging, outdoor journey through the precinct that provides interpretation of:

  • how this land came to be here jutting into the ocean – a 3-sided island;
  • how the limestone ridge was formed and the caves within it;
  • the unbroken connection of people to this land for over 60,000 years;
  • local fauna & flora;
  • European history of Ngilgi cave.

The project includes redeveloping local Aboriginal tour company Koomal Dreaming’s Meeting Place, and integrating an ‘Aboriginal Connection to Country’ interpretive node into the new visitor experience.

Project Status

  • In 2021 MRBTA secured $1.35 million towards the costs of the project through the Federal Government’s Building Better Regions fund.
  • Design & production company, Gibson Group, has been engaged as a delivery partner.
  • Construction planned for December 2022 – April 2023.
  • Experience to open by May 2023.