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Photography Library | Terms & Conditions

Margaret River Region HIVO Terms and Conditions 

We’re really excited to share this great collection of photography with our members! We have a few terms and conditions that we ask all MRBTA members to comply with when using any of the images in the library.

While we are pleased to share these assets with you royalty free at no cost, we also like to look after the brilliant photographers, videographers, talent and venues behind this content. So, your compliance with our policy for photographic image/video use as outlined below is essential.

  • Licensed images and video are available for non-commercial use by active MRBTA members, media & trade
  • If you use the images on social media, please credit the photographer and @margaretriver
  • For images used online please credit the photographer and link to
  • For any photographic images and video used for publication or broadcast, credit must be given to the photographer/videographer (where listed)
  • Your license will be non-transferable. You must not pass on or supply any images you download from this library to any other MRBTA members or any other businesses, individuals or organisations. They must apply to use the images themselves.
  • You will have a non-exclusive license. Loaned images may not be redistributed, loaned, sold or altered.
  • Maximum print size restricted to double A4.
  • Large format usage (billboards etc) available on request.
  • Images cannot be used on merchandise. For example, you cannot sell posters, t-shirts or stubby holders with the images on them.

If you require permissions outside these terms and conditions, please request via [email protected]

Thank you for showing an interest in the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association image library.

Capes Foundation HIVO Terms and Conditions 

Thank you for your interest in our photography and video library. To ensure fair usage and respect for the talented creators behind the content, please carefully review and comply with the following terms and conditions when using any of the images from our library: 

Attribution — When using the images on social media platforms, it is mandatory to provide appropriate credit to the photographer. For online usage, please credit the photographer and include a link to Moreover, any photographic images or videos used for publication or broadcast must be properly credited to the respective photographer/videographer as listed. 

No Derivatives — If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you may not distribute the modified material. 

Creative Commons Licensing  

Please note that some material in the library may be licensed under Creative Commons. For such material, you are permitted to copy and redistribute it for any purpose, including commercial use, subject to the following conditions: 

  •  Attribution: You must provide appropriate credit, include a link to the license, and indicate any changes made to the material.  
  • No Derivatives: Modified versions of the material may not be distributed.  
  • No additional restrictions: You may not impose legal terms or technological measures that restrict others from exercising the rights granted under the license. 

Please be aware of the following: 

  • This license does not apply to material already in the public domain or where your use is permitted by applicable exceptions or limitations. 
  • The granted license may not encompass all the permissions required for your specific intended use, as additional rights such as publicity, privacy, or moral rights may impose restrictions. 

If you require permissions beyond the scope of the provided terms and conditions, please contact [email protected] to make a request.