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These display boxes are a permanent installation along the back wall of the wine showroom. Each box has is individually lit and has a neutral black background. They are open to any interested operators (not exclusive to wine-related products), and you are free to dress them in any way you like to suit your business or product.

Pricing (per 3 month period):

  • Small box (47 x 47): $225
  • Medium box (96 x 47): $300
  • Large box (96 x 96): $375


FullSizeRenderThe Wine Showroom area in the Margaret River Visitor Centre provides visitors with an engaging environment in which they can learn more about wine and the diversity of product available in the region. The Wine Display showcases individual wineries and features a description of each winery and two bottles of wine.

Pricing (per 12 month period)
The cost is only $185 per year, with an additional one-time set up fee to produce a new Perspex plaque of $110.

  • Winery to provide copy for Perspex plaque –  50 word limit plus website (note no contact numbers or opening hours are allowed since they are subject to change)
  • Winery to provide 2 bottles of wine
  • Perspex plaque production takes approximately 2-3 weeks
  • Yearly display fee is on a financial year renewal
  • Display is in alphabetical order

If you have questions or are ready to book, please contact Peta and Michelle at [email protected]