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As a destination, we are always evolving. During the unprecedented times of the past two years, we stood back and worked with you, our members, to understand who we truly are and how we want to connect with travellers. Some big ideas came up, ideas that might not be immediately obvious. Ideas about how we can work together to provide visitors with a deeper, more meaningful connection with the places they visit.

This has formed a new brand narrative for the region based around the concept of ‘Generous Nature’. Generous Nature is a compass that guides everything we do, from how we look and talk to how we welcome visitors. To reflect this momentum, the Margaret River Region visual identity has evolved. The new design aesthetic represents the generosity of nature we are lucky to enjoy. The wind coming from one direction and then the other, the flow of the rivers and ocean. Alongside, the regional narrative is a narrative for each of our anchor point towns, Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River and Augusta. While they are united by the overarching ‘Generous Nature’ narrative, they each have their own distinct essence and identity captured in the Brand Atlas.

Behind the ‘brand’ are a community of passionate locals who love where they live and want to share it with the world  – in a respectful, sustainable way. So that future generations can enjoy the pristine piece of Earth, land that has supported one of the world’s longest human occupations, the Wadandi (Saltwater) People, for over 60,000 years.

Here you’ll find a suite of tools to help you share the Margaret River Region brand and align it with your own marketing efforts.

Brand Atlas

The Margaret River Region brand narrative, sub-region brand architecture and visual identity. Use this as a starting point to help better define and articulate the Margaret River Region story for your audience.

Brand Guidelines

This document contains all the specifics when it comes to using the Margaret River Region Brand and associated town logos including colours, fonts and graphics.


Quick Links & Helpful Tools

Explore our library of tools, templates and guides to help you bring the Margaret River Region brand narrative to life.