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Publishing Your Update

The below information will guide you through publishing your update.

If it is your first time updating in the console and you are going through the wizard, once you come to the end you will be given two options:

  • Save Draft: Allows you to save your work so far and come back and review or edit at a later stage.
  • Finish and Submit for Approval: Sends through your update to the Membership team.

If you have previously submitted an update for review and you have saved the updated section it is important you ‘Save’ your changes in each section before publishing. The ‘Save’ button is found at the bottom of the page and ‘Publish‘ near the top right of the screen.

Once you have published your update it will come through to the Membership team for review.  Your update will be reviewed to ensure they meet the recommendations of the style guide and may be declined with an email noting required amendments.  Otherwise, it will be approved and published to

If you are unsure of the status of your listing, check the Listings page in your dashboard.

  • New: No content added;
  • Draft: Update begun but not yet submitted to Membership;
  • Pending: Update submitted to Membership for approval. The listing will be locked to prevent issues with versions.  The Membership team endeavour to process updates as soon as possible. Please contact the Membership team if you need your listing to be unlocked.
  • Published: Update approved and published.  You can make changes to a published listing at any time.  Be sure to save any updates and publish once complete to submit to Membership for review.
  • Declined: Update declined and needs review.  You will be emailed detailed notes with required actions to complete updating your listing.

Redesigned Listings

Once you have updated your member listing in the new console, a refreshed member listing design will be launched on the front end of Designed for mobiles first, the new listings will do a better job of showcasing what your business has to offer at first glance. Events and editorial featuring your business also automatically appear on your listing to strengthen your business presence.

Essentials members will also benefit from a more prominent ‘Visit Website’ or ‘Book Now’ button to direct visitors straight to your own website.

Time For An Update?

We have secured rates with the following businesses to help you create inspiring and effective content:


Tim Campbell Photography:  $475 1 hour package

Russell Ord Photography:  $475 1 hour package


Lizzy Pepper Marketing: profile copywriting $250. Website and newsletter copywriting rates on request.

Need Help?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Membership team on (08) 9780 5959 or at

We are here to help you with any questions or issues and are always happy to receive your feedback.