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Membership 2018/19 - FAQs

Got a few questions before you sign up or renew your membership? No worries, we have put together this list of Frequently Asked Questions about the membership program.
If you would prefer to speak to the Member Support team, please call the member support line (Mon-Fri) 9780 5959 or email [email protected].

Why have the MRBTA made changes to the membership packages?

Like the region itself, we understand that the members we represent are just as diverse in their size, turnover, offering, or audience they attract. From the humble baker or backyard artist to a large scale international resort or transport company. Maybe your business doesn’t have visitors come through your doors but instead, you service the businesses in the business of tourism. We’re all part of the important mix in our local tourism economy.

As Australia’s largest local tourism organisation, covering the areas of destination marketing, visitor services and industry advocacy, we strive to offer a comprehensive and diverse suite of promotional activities and opportunities to our members. We also understand that each service or promotional avenue, may not be relevant or specific to your individual needs.

We have taken this feedback on board and for the first time ever, you can now select the activities or messaging that best suit your business and marketing budget. Buy-in to a program as dynamic as the business you represent! Are you finding brochures costly and ineffective? No worries, focus your resources and message into more digital marketing activity. Simply want to gain valuable business insights or be part of the tourism community, without all the bells and whistles, well that’s okay too.

My business has a few different tourism offerings or services that attract different clientele  (e.g. Restaurant + cellar door, accommodation + function centre). How do I select a membership option to make sure I am getting that message out there to the market mix?

Diverse is what we are, diversity is what we do! If your additional products or offerings are registered under the same ABN as your primary product, simply select the one standard membership subscription for your business ($299) then add the relevant promotional package or marketing bundles from there, relevant to each of those offerings.

If your additional products are sub-leased, registered under a separate ABN or brand, or even located at a separate premise, then a separate member subscription package will be more effective to give you comprehensive exposure across the association’s activities.

I don’t know which membership option or extras to select for my business as I’m unsure of which promotional channels, potential visitors to my business might use?

We have designed an infographic to help guide you through the consumer travel decision making process and the tools they may use along the way to help you target your audience and make the most of your marketing spend!

Can I collect and hand-out Your Margaret River Region touring maps and magazines at my business?

You sure can! Simply register as a Your Margaret River Region Map Distributor and place an order via your online member account at

Do I have to pay everything upfront or can I pay in stages?

Your membership subscriptions are based on a 12 month contract period valid 01 July 2018– 30 June 2019. Payment for your annual membership subscription is due at time of purchase via credit card ($0 credit card fees), bank transfer, cheque or cash so we can plan out your benefits. If you are a little short of cash, we suggest getting the essentials covered and then simply add additional activities or benefits as you need by adding them to your online member account throughout the year.

Subscriptions are non-refundable.

If I just select the basic membership fee at $99, will the visitor centres refer people to my business?

Visitor centre consultants suggest member businesses on a preferred basis, however, without having your business featured via the suite of visitor servicing tools (regional map,  interactive touchscreens and/or brochures), you are severely limiting the quality of the service or how much information they may be able to impart. Not to mention, you are also missing out on the large segment of visitors who may not choose to utilise a visitor centre to plan or research their holiday stay or activities (, Your Margaret River Region official app)

Do the premium partner consumer marketing value bundles include the standard membership fee?

Yes, so if you find you are adding quite a few extra services to your membership order in the shopping cart, you may find that one of the Premium Partner packages offers a better value, bundled rate!

Cash flow is a little tight now being winter time, what happens if I wait and join up later in the financial year?

Membership is an annual subscription fee. You can join whenever you want during the year but we must highlight that most of our annual and seasonal marketing activities are planned, produced or executed with lead times of 6 – 12 months so you might be doing yourself a disfavour to wait.

Don’t miss out! If you need to spread some of the cost, build a package with the essentials now then simply go back to your account during the year and order seasonal activities as needed!