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Housing Needed

The Margaret River Region is facing unprecedented staff and accommodation shortages - Learn more and find out how to help

THE Margaret River Region has become the natural choice for West Australians looking to escape and relax in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. There’s something special in the air here – you can sense it in the vines and trees, in the caves and waves. It is home to Australia’s most awarded wine region; a burgeoning micro-brewing and distilling scene; highly acclaimed dining and tourism experiences; world-class produce and boutique shopping which is worlds away from the carbon-copy high streets seen elsewhere around the world.

Without the dedication and hard work of our local and seasonal workers, this region would not be a place where people choose to live, work and holiday. Now, as we position ourselves for recovery from Covid-19, we find the region struggling with a worker shortage so severe that it is affecting business’ ability to open their doors.

Staff and Accommodation Shortages


It is estimated a minimum of 1,000 additional staff will be required for the region’s peak tourism and grape harvest period between December 2020 and May 2021. This staff shortage is being exacerbated by the region’s unprecedented lack of housing availability, which is drastically hindering business’ ability to secure essential staff.

Rent a Room to Help the Region


You can support local businesses to secure staff and contribute to the economic recovery of the region by letting out your property or a spare room. In doing so you will have the opportunity to earn anywhere from $100-$300 per week.

Renting out a spare room to someone working in the region doesn’t require approval in the City of Busselton, and in November 2020 the Shire of Augusta Margaret River has approved greater flexibility in the use and establishment of temporary accommodation for seasonal workers.

List your home or room for rent to seasonal or permanent workers on popular sites such as:
Flatmate Finders
–  Your local community Facebook pages

If you are looking to fast-track approval of rural workers’ accommodation, temporary expansion of nature-based camping sites, temporary expansion of camping areas or the temporary use of tourism accommodation, contact your relevant local government planning department – City of Busselton or Shire of Augusta Margaret River  – for more information and to progress an application.

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