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Terms & Conditions of MRBTA Membership

The MRBTA is proud to promote the quality products and services of its members to visitors. To ensure the highest level of visitor satisfaction, MRBTA has put in place a set of Terms and Conditions to help members ensure industry standards are met.


  • MRBTA means Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association.
  • Short Stay Accommodation constitutes premises ordinarily used for stays of no more than three consecutive months in a 12 month period.
  • Member refers to a financial member of the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association.

MRBTA Regulations

All appropriate licences and insurances are current and other legal obligations, including adherence to Local, State and Federal statutory regulations, have been met.
The business complies and will continue to comply with all Commonwealth, State and Municipal authority laws which effect the conduct and supply of services of this business, and indemnifies, and will keep indemnified, the MRBTA against all actions, proceedings, claims, liabilities and costs in respect of any breach of these laws.

All MRBTA members must hold all required licences, permits, approvals and authorities to operate their business, all of which must be current and up to date. All members must hold public liability insurance for at least $10 million cover and provide a Certificate of Currency on request by MRBTA.

All operators must have an Australian Business Number and a Registered Business name or be an incorporated company.

Membership is valid from 01 July 2019 – 30 June 2020. For membership applications to be accepted, the online shopping cart must completed in full. Cheques are to be made payable to the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association. Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable.

Payment of Membership Fee:
Membership benefits will not be activated until payment for the membership fee is received.

Renewing members: Payment of membership fee must be received within MRBTA terms as stated on invoice or order. If payment is not received within the terms, membership benefits will be suspended at the discretion of the MRBTA (e.g.webpage deactivated, map listing removed, member brochures removed from racking and exclusion from e-communication) until such time that payment is received.

MRBTA 3 Strikes Policy:
The MRBTA adheres to a ‘three strikes’ policy whereby members who break conditions of membership will be: formerly warned in writing on first offence; have their membership suspended for three months on the second offence; and have their membership terminated on the third offence.

Any breach of the outlined membership terms and conditions can constitute as a ‘strike’, including but not limited to; more than one negative feedback form received during the membership year; failure to update rates and availability in Bookeasy; failure to offer rate parity; failure to abide by the MRBTA Membership Guidelines.

MRBTA Negative Customer Feedback:
It is the responsibility of the Member to ensure all feedback is followed up within 3 days of receipt of the complaint.

The member must use reasonable endeavours to resolve all complaints of customers reported to the MRBTA and fully cooperate with the MRBTA in any settlement negotiations including making offers of refunds where appropriate. The MRBTA will direct dissatisfied customers in such circumstances to lodge a formal complaint with the Department of Commerce.

If the Association receives two or more negative customer feedback responses, then an inspection of your business will be conducted by MRBTA representatives to confirm that the issues have been addressed and any improvements that are needed are implemented.

Where there are numerous complaints, especially in regards to safety, hygiene or cleanliness, the MRBTA reserves the right to suspend or terminate membership at its discretion.

Member’s record & database:
The MRBTA membership database is the property of the Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association. Members who have a product or service they would like to offer for the benefit of MRBTA members, can submit this to the MRBTA for approval before this is circulated through MRBTA preferred channels.

Accident and emergency reporting:
You must ensure your business management and staff are aware of your risk management responsibilities and endeavour to continuously improve the standard of services that you offer. As part of your business Risk Management Quality Policy, in the event of an accident or incident, details must be documented and recorded to mitigate reoccurrence and be able to be provided if required.

Additional product membership:
Additional products are only applicable to add to your membership if that businesses or service is registered under the same ABN as the primary business. If the additional business is registered under a separate ABN, sub-leased or located at different address then a separate membership application will apply.

Brochure stock must be DL sized (210mm x 99mm) and will be displayed in the relevant category in MRBTA Visitor Centre/s. Brochures must be true, accurate and up to date. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure prices on brochures are honoured. Members are responsible for ensuring sufficient brochure stock is provided to the visitor centres.

Accommodation brochures are displayed at the two MRBTA managed gateway visitor centres located closest to the property location.
Tour, activity, winery, dining or attraction brochures are displayed at each of the MRBTA managed visitor centres in Busselton, Dunsborough, Margaret River & Augusta

Member details changes:
It is the responsibility of the member to notify the MRBTA in writing of any changes to ownership, management, standards, operations or bank details.

Member induction & Bookeasy console training:
An initial induction and training session will be provided per membership free of charge as part of your membership induction. This includes instruction and assistance with setting up of property/tour information, availability and rates. If any additional training is requested by the member during the membership year due to change of management/ownership or otherwise, this training will be charged at a fee of $60.00 per hour and be subject to availability.

Non-regional members that have a bookable product and require Bookeasy training will be referred to their local visitor centre for this service, or will be charged a training fee of $60.00 per hour (minimum 2 hours) and be subject to availability.

Website details:
It is the responsibility of the member to update and maintain their business webpage on the website (via their Bookeasy user console). Information published on the website must be true, accurate and current. Members are required to ensure details and prices listed are honoured per Australian consumer law. The MRBTA reserves the right to deactivate web listings that do not meet these guidelines, until such time that any issues have been rectified.

Website images:
To maintain the integrity of our website, it is the responsibility of the member to upload images that are relevant and correctly represent the business on their dedicated web page. E.g. To match the description of your room/ accommodation type, an image of that particular room/accommodation type must be displayed. Business pages that do not contain images will be inactive until such time when the images are uploaded.

Website details changes:
It is the responsibility of the member to make the appropriate changes on their Bookeasy console. MRBTA staff are NOT authorised to make changes to a member’s business page content in Bookeasy unless an official request for change has been received in writing. Such changes to business page content actioned by MRBTA staff will incur a $25.00 fee per change (incl. GST) and you will be immediately invoiced. The MRBTA accepts no responsibility for errors made by staff changing information in this circumstance.

Bookable operator (accommodation, tours, events, activities & experiences) specific terms

Short stay accommodation providers must not be using the listed accommodation as their primary place of residence.

To qualify for the map listing, accommodation providers must have an onsite manager and tour operators must have an on-site reception or office.

Visitor Centres must have direct telephone communication to accommodation or tour operation owners/managers at all times. A mobile telephone number must be entered into your Bookeasy console. Members who have a bookable product are required to be able to manage bookings via an their online calendar, and be reached via email as well as by phone.

Supply of product/service:
Members are responsible for updating rates and availability in Bookeasy on a daily basis and should understand that bookings can be made well in advance e.g two years. If a member is unable to honour the product or service after the booking has been confirmed and paid for by the client, the member is responsible for providing an alternative product/service at equal or greater value/standard at the member’s expense. This requirement is pursuant to the Consumer and Competition Act 2010.

Bookeasy Gold Medal operators, offering real-time availability who are unable to honour a confirmed booking will be relegated to the 24 hour status for seven days. If the member requires MRBTA assistance to find an alternative product/service for their client, this will incur a $25.00 fee and the member will be invoiced accordingly. Please note, the member will be required to pay the difference in any alternative booking arrangements.

If a second instance of dishonouring bookings occurs, then this will be treated as a breach of membership, and the ‘three strike’ policy will apply. The operator will remain on 24 hour status at the discretion of the MRBTA.

The MRBTA will also direct dissatisfied consumers in such circumstances to lodge a formal complaint with the Department of Commerce and or their respective Accreditation Body.

Website contact details:
Any member with pre-bookable product must not display any contact details (including URLs) or other calls to action on their web page on, redirecting users to an alternative booking method or site. This includes any reference or links that direct users to any web-based search engines guiding them to make a search for an alternative website. Examples include “Google/Facebook us on … “. The MRBTA reserves the right to remove any such details from If a member does not comply, this will be considered a breach and the three strike policy will apply.

Commission rates:
All members with a bookable product pay a service commission. The MRBTA has a tiered commission rate of 10% for Bookeasy Gold Operators (real-time bookings) operators and 12.5% for all Bookeasy On Request (24hour confirmation) operators. The MRBTA partners with an affiliate website via Bookeasy called WA Holiday Guide. Bookings facilitated via this site attract a 15% commission but are managed and paid by the MRBTA. Operators can request not to be mapped to this affiliate site.

MRBTA has the right to collect commission on cancelled bookings where the balance has been paid in full.

Commission is also due if the client chooses to deal directly with the operator after seeking the assistance of the MRBTA, we are unable to book available inventory via Bookeasy or the client or pays the operator direct. In this case, MRBTA will issue a commission voucher.

Pricing and inventory:
All members with bookable product must provide inventory for commissionable bookings to the MRBTA. Published rates must be honoured and must be kept up to date on a daily basis.

Price match policy:
Commission must be included in published tariffs and be consistent with all your advertising and distribution channels including direct sales. If a member elects to offer a lower retail rate and/or special rates with extra inclusions, the member agrees that the MRBTA will be able to access such rates or specials in order to price match. The MRBTA’s usual commission rate applies.

The booking price and offers displayed to users of must be at least as competitive as offered on other online [or offline] channels (including the members own website) for the same period.

Bond and/or security deposits:
The MRBTA is not responsible for the collection of bond monies or security deposits. Operators who require a bond will need to stipulate this as a booking condition in their Bookeasy console. Operators are responsible for the collection/return of all bond monies (accommodation operators only).