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New member- South West Concierge

Meet Sophie Gooch the woman behindPicture2 South West Concierge she is in experienced in wine service and food pairing. Totally passionate, brilliant at organising anything and can go as five star as you like. There is simply nothing that cannot be done… all with a smile!

  • Pet care and vet pick ups
  • Water plants and garden
  • Administrative tasks and personal assistant
  • Babysitting (notice required)
  • Arrange bespoke weekends down south including all the must see things
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Wine Buying
  • Flower arranging
  • Provisioning for your holiday house – food, beverages, flowers, items for a special occasion or extras to ensure your holiday is relaxing and memorable
  • Having a special lunch or dinner? I can offer full wine & food service at your holiday house, procure a chef to prepare a wonderful meal complemented by a beautifully decorated table – flawlessly meeting your requirements

A concierge service assists in managing your personal or professional life. The concierge consultant is available to take care of many tasks, including running those time-consuming errands that you would otherwise rush to accomplish during your busy day.

Imagine your to-do list completed whilst enjoying time with your family, putting in a couple of extra hours at work or relaxing at the beach?

Imagine arriving at your holiday destination to discover the refrigerator is stocked to your requirements with tempting, fresh food; fresh flowers on the table and wine chilling on the deck instead of spending your first few hours of holiday jostling among the crowds at the supermarket?

Imagine feeling reassured during the off-season when your concierge can check in on your second home and report back to you.


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