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Staff Profile: Peta Fussell

Full Name: Peta Fussell (Pete to the MRBTA crew)

Position: Membership Officer

Location: Margaret River Visitor Centre office based; proud Busso resident and often on the road across the region

How long have you been part of the team: Just over 5 years as a Marketing Coordinator/Membership Officer at Geographe Bay Tourism Association (GBTA) and now at the Margaret River  Busselton Tourism Association (MRBTA).

Favourite part of the job: It’s all about the mix! Helping operators to share their story or the experience they offer. Working as a conduit between so many members and departments at the MRBTA – the marketing team, visitor services and the corporate department.

Tell us something about yourself that not many people would know?  I grew up in Papua New Guinea, California and Sydney before spending the better part of 10 years working/travelling overseas in my twenty’s. I am also a massive ski/snowboard bum.

Detail your perfect Margaret River Region day: I suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out) so my perfect day would be jam-packed with seasonal activities:  Summer = Swimming at the beach, some paddling in Geo Bay or on the Blackwood. Autumn is my favourite – camping, salmon fishing, boating or sunset drinks. Winter = Off road cycling, camping (you can’t have a campfire in summer!) exploring and lunching. Spring = walking, camping and biking….do you see a pattern at all?

The day would start with a great coffee and end with a cheeky pint or wine or perhaps a gig or festival of some type too!