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Busselton Foreshore – Beach Enclosure Installation

The City of Busselton has commenced installation of the municipality’s second beach enclosure at the popular Busselton Foreshore.

The State Government, as part of its Shark Hazard Mitigation Strategy, funded the new enclosure on the back of the successful trial at Old Dunsborough Beach. Installation of this additional enclosure and its ongoing maintenance will be undertaken by the City of Busselton.

The new enclosure has a 500m perimeter. It will cover an approximate area of 30,000m2 and provide those who choose to swim within it with additional protection from large marine species. The enclosure is made of net panels constructed from high strength UV-stable braided twine. During the installation it will be suspended between 11 steel piles which have already been driven into the seabed. These piles will remain in place all year round. They are highly visible and equipped with flashing marine lights. Yellow floats run along the top of the enclosure between the piles and a galvanised chain running along the bottom weight it down on the seabed.

Depending on weather conditions, it may take crew from City of Busselton’s Engineering and Works Services Department up to two days to complete the installation. Like the enclosure at Old Dunsborough Beach, this additional enclosure will be installed at the beginning of each summer and removed prior to winter.

City of Busselton Mayor Grant Henley said that tens of thousands of people visit the Busselton Foreshore every summer and the foreshore beach was a practical location for a second enclosure.

“These beach enclosures are an important component of the State Government’s Shark Hazard Mitigation Strategy. The City has certainly benefited from being part of the initial trial and we were very pleased to receive funding for a second enclosure.
Coupled with regular air and beach patrols and improved communication including public hotlines and online information, people now have more choice and more information about shark activity than was available in the past. While there are never any guarantees when we enter the water, these facilities do provide beach goers with an option. Ultimately, however, where and when people choose to enter into the ocean is up to them.”