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Staff Profile: Liam Moore

By November 9, 2015Staff Profile

Full Name: Liam Moore

Position: Cave Guide

Location: Lake, Jewel and Mammoth

How long have you been part of the team: Since February 2015

Favourite part of the job: Being able to photobomb everyone’s selfies and to work in one of the worlds most beautiful places… The people aren’t half bad either

Tell us something about yourself that not many people would know? I was once in a public speaking competition for the rotary Youth Of The Year Quest. I also play under water hockey and I can ride a unicycle!

Detail your perfect Margaret River Region day: My perfect day would have to be sleeping in till midday then enjoying the delicious range of food from my fridge… Nah not really it’d have to be going down to the beach on a perfect warm morning with my dog and wandering around the dunes and stunning landscape. Then spending the day riding through the pines forest and discovering all kinds of new tracks and trails to try! Then finishing off with a sunset and a good BBQ dinner.