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YMRR China App

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work updating our iPhone, iPad and Android app. For starters, we now have a dedicated Chinese version of our mobile app!

This app is available from the Chinese Apple App store and the Chinese Google Play store with the intention to roll out to other Chinese Android app stores in the coming months (there are many of them and we will target the largest stores initially).

This version of the app defaults to the Mandarin Chinese language and we have reorganised the content to better reflect the Chinese market and interests.

The intention is also to update this app with new product that is important to the Chinese market as it becomes available.

We will also be releasing another version of our app in the coming months targeted and english speaking visitors. This version of the app will essentially be an ‘offline’ version of our website to assist visitors when they don’t have an internet connection but still wish to explore the region with their mobile device. Watch this space!