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Get involved with the YMRR #Rediscover Campaign

By March 28, 2019October 31st, 2019Digital Marketing Tips, Get Involved

What is the Rediscover Campaign?

Last year, the MRBTA initiated the production of four inspirational videos showcasing each of the main regional towns (Busselton, Dunsborough & Yallingup, Margaret River, and Augusta). The videos, produced in partnership with the City of Busselton, and the Augusta Margaret River Shire,  aim to inspire visitors to ‘rediscover’ the region by showcasing the unique personalities of each of the main regional towns while building on the connection that West Australian’s already feel for their local holiday destination ‘down south’.

This March, the Rediscover videos have been released in stages via social media alongside wrap-around content on Below are some tips with how you can use the videos and surrounding content to drive traffic to your business.


Rediscover Augusta

Rediscover Busselton 

Rediscover Margaret River 

Rediscover Yallingup/Dunsborough

How do I use Rediscover to connect with my audience?

By collectively getting behind the campaign, and championing the region, members can build interest around the videos, and inspire the Perth market to ‘rediscover’ the Margaret River region. The Your Margaret River Region social pages have already seen an incredible audience reach from the videos, with the Busselton clip receiving over 27k views within just over a week!


  1. Locate the videos on The Margaret River Region Facebook page (Note Yallingup/Dunsborough release dates is this coming Sunday! 31/3/19)
  2. Share the video (by clicking the share button on the bottom right corner of the post) to your Facebook page. Use the Rediscover theme to make your copy align with your own business, and then use the hashtags #rediscovernameoftown #rediscoverbusinessname #rediscoveruniqueproduct For example, if sharing a post on the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse page, copy might read; “How long since you Rediscovered Augusta? Do you even Remember? Well would you believe, up at Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse lately – folks have been bottling their own air! It’s that refreshing! Come and Rediscover the light between two oceans and catch some fresh air!” #rediscoveraugusta #rediscovercapeleeuwinlighthouse #rediscoverfreshair

Some great examples from Facebook below:


  1. Include a link in your bio to one of our wrap-around blogs; 10 Ways to Rediscover Margaret River, 10 Ways to Rediscover Busselton, 10 Ways to Rediscover Augusta, 10 Ways to Rediscover Yallingup (coming Sunday 31/3/19). The blogs have the Rediscover videos embedded, and also link to a 3-day itinerary for each of the towns
  2. Choose a high-res image from your own library of your product that you want to use to connect with your audience with the Rediscover theme
  3. Create copy using the rediscover theme, and include hashtags #rediscovernameoftown #rediscoverbusinessname #rediscoveruniqueproduct (see facebook example above!)
  4. Reinforce the message with an Instagram story. You can use the images below: