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Holiday Homes

Short term rental accommodation (STRA) supply in the Margaret River Region has grown significantly over the past decade and is an important part of the region’s overall product and experience mix.

MRBTA’s advocacy around this sector calls for considered regulation to ensure that visitors have a quality experience, negative impacts on residents are minimised, and competition with other short term accommodation providers is fair.

Over recent years, the State and Local Governments have undertaken processes to deliver better regulation of the STRA sector. This includes State Government 2019 Parliamentary inquiry Levelling the Playing Field: Managing the impact of the rapid increase of short-term rentals in Western Australia, and the subsequent Draft Position Statement: Planning for Tourism, which was advertised for public consultation between December 2021 and March 2022. MRBTA has been active participants in these processes wherever possible, and has communicated the needs and experience of its members, in particular those of traditional accommodation providers.


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