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Business Name:   WA-GETAWAY: Unique,  Personal Travel

Position:  Owner/Operator

Where do you operate from: Perth

How long have you been in the business: 8 months

What does your business do: We provide a direct transport  service between Perth and The Margaret River Region with flexible travel times and door to door service. We can bring people from Perth to your door – whether it be to your accommodation, to your  tour attraction, or to jump aboard your local tour or special event. Need airport and cruise ship transfers? We can help! Extra Luggage? No problem! We cater to all types of travellers and can arrange private charters as well. We have an external trailer to make sure we can fit everything you need. WA Getaway can accommodate up to 13 passengers and we require 48 hrs notic.

What is your unique point of difference: We cater to peoples’ needs by offering personal, flexible travel with optional stops along the way, if needed or desired. Do you have a small pet that needs to come too? We can help!

Favourite part of the job: Meeting new people and making their journey memorable.

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