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Winter destination promotion

By April 20, 2016April 22nd, 2016Get Involved, What's new from the MRBTA?

Thank you to all members who responded to our call for expressions of interest last month, inviting businesses to take part in our winter promotional activity.

We have worked with our members to source a number of special offers which will appear on the campaign landing page and will form the central call to action for the campaign. If your business would like to provide a special offer, please contact Tony Fletcher at [email protected].

The activity plan has now been finalised. Please see a summary below, and you can read the full campaign strategy here.

Summary: Winter 2016 destination promotion


  • Increase visitation to the region during winter.
  • Build awareness of reasons to visit Your Margaret River Region during winter.
  • Increase accommodation and tour booking numbers.
  • Stimulate dispersal of visitors throughout the region.

Target Audience

  1. Intrastate, dedicated discoverers
  2. Intrastate, family connectors
  3. Intrastate, grey explorers
  4. Singapore market

Key Strategies

  • Invest in partnership with Australia’s South West and Scoot Airlines to reach the Singapore market.
  • Source special offers corresponding to key winter products and experiences.
  • Leverage owned, shared and earned media to maximise impact in the intrastate market.
  • Refrain from requesting paid participation from MRBTA members, and instead focus on sourcing compelling special offers.
  • Leverage TWA’s new global campaigns



  • Destination website.
    • Special offers to be made bookable via Bookeasy
    • Campaign landing page displaying special offers
    • Campaign creative displayed on key areas throughout the site (homepage, editorial pages) with call to action to visit campaign landing page
    • Whale watching homepage banner and blog article
    • Winter event promotion
  • Your Margaret River Region app.
    • Special offers promoted
  • Email marketing.
    • Special offers sent to visitors who have booked holidays through MRBTA and will be arriving during the winter months
    • Calls to action in regular email newsletters
    • Winter event promotion
  • Your Margaret River Region magazine winter edition (on shelves early June).
    • Print advertisements encouraging readers to visit the campaign landing page and have access to special offers
    • Winter event promotion
    • Whale watching focus
  • Social media.
    • Experiment with sharing special offers via MRBTA social media channels. (NB high risk of consumer disengagement)
    • Whale watching promotion
    • Winter event promotion
  • Visitor centres.
    • Regional map: Whale watching featured on front cover
    • Signage
    • Email signatures
    • Screensavers
    • Outdoor signage (whales)
  • Continuation of ‘Vintage to Vintage’ campaign activity, launched in Autumn 2016.


  • Sunday Times Escape, mid-late May.
    • Editorial promoting benefits of visiting the Margaret River region during the winter months
    • Call to action to visit campaign landing page and have access to special offers
    • Sunday Times will be inviting MRBTA members to advertise in the supplement. Advertisers will be offered the opportunity to display special offers at
    • Whale watching promotion
    • Winter event promotion
  • The campaign elements will be shared with the domestic and international market managers at Tourism Western Australia, who will be encouraged to syndicate information into market.


The principle paid element of the winter campaign consists of a paid partnership between MRBTA, ASW and Scoot airlines. The target market for this element of the campaign will be holiday makers in Singapore. The campaign will feature the Margaret River region in the following ways:

  • Inclusion in online holiday competition (also negotiating over data sharing of competition entrants)
  • Links to from ASW website
  • 1x solus EDM to 100,000 Scoot subscribers featuring a Margaret River region special offer. (NB, transactional email to include a link to ASW website).
  • 1x TAD email to inbound travellers who have purchased a flight from Singapore to Perth via Scoot airlines (NB Scoot is also offering a dedicated deal on flights to ASW for this campaign)
  • YMRR featured in 2x full page advertisements in Scoot Magazine in May and June
  • YMRR featured on Scoot microsite for campaign. Website content will include itineraries and listed product. Click through will be to ASW website, which will then click through to for booking.

Important dates

The MRBTA campaign will be launched during w/c 9 May 2016. The campaign will remain in market until 31 August 2016.


ASW - ColourOpportunities with Australia’s South West: Booking deadline Friday 22 April

Members are also invited to consider participating in the broader winter campaign run by Australia’s South West, which aims to stimulate visitation to the South West during the traditionally quieter months of winter.

For just one buy-in fee starting at $336, you are invited to contribute a special offer and be supported by a host of marketing initiatives to drive visitation to your business. Your business will also gain extra exposure as part of the Scoot Airlines partnership, which aims to reach millions of Singaporeans.

A complete list of the activities for 2016 are listed in the prospectus and booking form. If you have any further questions after reading the prospectus, you can email Charli, Katie or Zoe to find out more.