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The switch to the NBN network is not automatic. Check your home address to find out if the NBN network is available at your business ( Once you have confirmation that you can switch, contact your phone or internet service provider to discuss your requirements after reading the checklist.

There’s no rush – once you receive the “ready for service” advice in the post, you have 18 months to migrate your services before the old copper network is decommissioned.

Mike Hendry is your independent NBN advisor whose role is to help everyone understand the implications of the switch from the copper to the NBN network as it rolls out across the South West. Mike doesn’t work for the NBN or any service provider so he can’t take up complaints but he is able to furnish business and communities with impartial information so you can make your own choices. To find out more visit and get in touch if you would like Mike to visit your town. The NBN Advisor service is an initiative of SWDC, RDA-South West, NBNCo, Business SW and the SW CCIs.

View and download the NBN Info Sheet PDF