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One to watch: Facebook travel recommendations

By January 11, 2017Digital Marketing Tips

We’re excited about Facebook’s recently launch ‘Recommendations’ tool, which enables people to ask their friends, family, and local groups for recommendations on Facebook and organise all of the responses onto a single map. reports that “Chances are, you provide your own vacation recommendations to people, not to mention tips on good bars, great hair salons, and so on. It’s a big part of social networks, and Mark Zuckerberg wants to make it even bigger part. If you send recommendations to someone, Facebook will compile them into a map for all your friends to see.”

How it works

To ask for travel recommendations via Facebook, compose your question and then click on the Feelings button of your status and select “looking for” then “travel recommendations”. You will then be able to specify your location and as people make recommendations, they’ll be added to the map.


What MRBTA members need to know

The feature currently works from personal profiles only, so while we recommend looking for opportunities to join in conversations that your Facebook friends are having around travel recommendations, it’s not something that businesses can easily use to interact with potential customers at this stage. However, Facebook promises new features to be rolled out over the coming months, and with its potential to rival the longstanding, ever-popular TripAdvisor forums in usability, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this tool.