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Email scam warning

An MRBTA member was recently targeted by online scammers, via a booking enquiry email.

The email was sent by someone called Jane and the email address has since been disabled.

Emails were sent back and forth over two weeks but the winery terminated the discussion with the receipt of the suspicious email below:


I am alright with the cost. However, I am having a little challenge concerning the Driver fee that will be handling my Family Transportation to your Place.  I am still at the hospital and I need you to do me favor. The Charter bus does not accept credit cards and requires payment upfront via direct deposit into his account.

I will like you to add an additional $2,500 to the total cost which you will charge on my credit card as payment for the Driver fee to pickup my other family from different location to your place and when payment clears into your account you will help me transfer the Driver fund to their bank account as his charges for balance of his service fee and handling the drop off and pickup too.

I would have preferred to sort his payment by myself but I am presently in the hospital scheduled for surgery for my hearing impaired condition. I am willing to pay you a tip of $100 for your time if you could assist with this favor. Kindly get back with the grand total cost is this is okay by you.

If you would like more information, or wish to report a suspected scam, please contact Scam Watch – run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).