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Margaret River Visitor Centre Roof Works

margaret river visitor centre

If you’re in Margaret River over the next few weeks you will notice work underway to replace the roof of the visitor centre building.

The visitor centre roof has been deteriorating steadily over recent years and is now leaking in several places. Its condition is such that patching and painting the roof is no longer an option due to the amount of rusting. The Margaret River Visitor Centre is MRBTA’s only significant asset and owning the building enabled us to secure the bank loan necessary to continue paying wages at the beginning of the COVID crisis prior to JobKeeper income coming through. Although the work will impact on MRBTA’s cashflow, preventing this asset from falling further into disrepair has been identified as a priority – doing this work now ties in with the main street upgrade and will allow the creation of a more attractive garden area at the corner of the building which has high visibility for visitors as they enter town.

The works are expected to be completed and rear carpark re-opened on 15 December (subject to no weather delays).

Site Access notes

    • Site access to rear of the building will remain, will be defined and provide a clear and safe walkway to access rear of building
    • Site access to front of building via the glass automatic doors for the visitors/staff during the project
    • Site access will NOT be possible from Wongi Mia the front single door.
    • Laneway between MRVC and IGA  will be closed for some if not all of the works – please work in being closed.
    • Either to be blocked off with scaffolding at each end with the possible use of a mobile scaffold within the laneway area: or
    • To be closed and use of ladders and harness to re-roof – To be decided on the days of work