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Advice, tips and inspiration on promoting vaccine awareness

By September 9, 2021September 13th, 2021COVID-19

Talking about Vaccination with your Guests

Previously in Australia, there has been an expectation that the government should drive vaccination awareness, but more and more, businesses and individuals are becoming involved in proactively raising vaccination awareness.

But how should you approach this in your business? The Covid-19 vaccination and its roll-out is an emotive topic for many people across all points of view, with much of the debate currently playing out through heated discussions online.

It is understandable if, as a business or individual, you wish to contribute to vaccination awareness, but are hesitant to communicate how you feel. We have gathered the following tips, advice and inspiration to support you:

Tips on Raising Vaccination Awareness through Your Channels

  • Be positive. Focus on what is possible when we reach our vaccination goals, rather than scaremongering, fearful content. Tourism Australia’s ‘Best Shot for Travel’ industry toolkit is helpful here.
    • Sample message from Tourism Australia: “When you get your COVID-19 vaccination, you’re not just protecting yourself and the community, you’re also supporting hundreds of thousands of Australians who work in the tourism industry. We all want to get back to travelling in our incredible backyard, so the sooner you get the shot, the sooner we can all experience an epic Australian holiday. For information on the COVID-19 vaccine consult your GP or visit”
  • Keep your messaging simple. You may prefer to share your personal experience rather than taking on a big picture debate. If so, you could focus on what the vaccination rollout means for your business, your family and your community.
  • Share your passion. Share what makes the experience you offer unique to the world, and how you can’t wait to be able to share it with Australia and the world again.
  • Be sensitive to those who are unable to get vaccinated, who are still waiting for a vaccine, or who are nervous about being vaccinated.
    • Sample message: ‘Get vaccinated if you can.’
    • Sample message: ‘If you’re feeling nervous about getting the vaccine, speak to your GP.’
  • Provide access to the facts. Link to Australia’s official health site so that your guests can access government-approved vaccine information and book an appointment at their nearest vaccination site.

Examples and Inspiration

Take a look at the following inspiring examples of industry-specific content raising vaccination awareness:

Here in this region, we think that Sean Blocksidge at Margaret River Discovery Co. has done a fantastic job so far of sharing his perspective on the importance of vaccination through his channels. Take a look at Sean’s recent Facebook post here.

Unite and Amplify Your Voice – Participate in MRBTA’s content

We are planning content to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination through our social media channels, and we would really like to give a voice to our members.

We encourage member businesses who are active on social media to post a short video or photo to their Instagram & Facebook stories telling Australia that we miss them, we can’t wait to welcome them back and to get vaccinated as it’s our best shot for travel. Make sure you tag @margaretriver and we’ll be sharing these messages across the month of September.

Tips for posting:

  • Tag @margaretriver on Instagram or @themargaretriverregion on Facebook
  • Use the hashtag #ItsOurBestShotForTravel
  • Follow the messaging guidelines above
  • Portrait mode (vertical, not landscape)
  • 15 – 30 seconds
  • Out in the field (i.e. outdoor location on tour, in your dining venue, at your attraction)
  • Link to an official source. Sample message: ‘For more information on Covid-19 vaccines, including safety and eligibility, see the Australian Government Department of Health website.’

If you would like help recording, please get in touch with our Destination Marketing Manager, Amanda Peterkin.

For more about vaccination, read Vaccination and Your Business.