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The MRBTA Attractions team is working hard behind the scenes on some major redevelopments at the sites of Cape Naturaliste and Cape Leeuwin Lighthouses. Aiming to refresh and enhance the visitor experience whilst restoring and protecting the heritage values, the redevelopments have been made possible through a combination of MRBTA funds, plus State Royalties for Regions and Federal funding. Most recently, MRBTA has received the news that we have been successful in receiving $34,000 from LotteryWest for the restoration of the 3 outhouses at Cape Leeuwin.

Below is a snapshot of all the works that we are currently undergoing at the two lighthouses.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse

  • Major upgrade of heritage precinct, funded by Royalties for Regions and MRBTA
  • Asbestos is being removed from all cottages and other buildings and replaced, in keeping with heritage values
  • Cottage 1 – remodeled for ticket office, retail souvenirs, guides station
  • Cottage 2 – interperative centre with local Cape Naturaliste stories
  • Cottage 3 – café with external decking
  • Original workshops/storage converted to classrooms & meeting place for schools & groups
  • Natural materials themed playground adjacent to Cottage 3
  • Significant landscaping to reflect original precinct layout and re-establishment of original style fencing etc.
  • Re-establishment of original lighthouse keepers cottage veg garden
  • Introduction of audio tours to precinct in multi languages
  • Interpretative signage and sculptures throughout precinct
  • In parallel, MRBTA with DPaW have invested in the construction of infrastructure to be used for Aboriginal cultural and food experiences as part of our support for Aboriginal tourism

 Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

  • Works are underway to remove the remaining asbestos from the Heritage Cottages and outhouses at the lighthouse. This is part of the final stages in conservation renovations that have received generous support over the years from Royalties for Regions, South West Development Commission, Lottery West and approved by DPaW and Heritage Council, together with major investment by AMRTA and MRBTA.
  • Current renovations will:
    • Transform Cottage 2 into a state-of-the-art interpretative centre to tell the many stories of the lighthouse, its precinct, the lives of those who operated it, the natural environment, unique location & geography. Visitors will have an interactive and engaging experience that draws on technology as well as traditional interpretation methods. Work is underway to research those stories.
    • Repair and conserve outhouses that have suffered from the harsh Cape Leeuwin weather over the years
    • Carry out landscaping works and provide shelter in a way that better reflects and interprets how the site would have been in the past
    • Provide an indoor space for education and other groups
    • Restoration of the three outhouses
  • In parallel to these Royatlies for Regions supported renovations, MRBTA is investing in a remodelling of Cottage 1 with approval of the Heritage Council. This will provide a better experience for visitors whether they are passing through the building on their way into the precinct, or visiting the onsite Cape Leeuwin Café.

Why invest time and money into these attractions?

MRBTA operates six attractions in total (the two lighthouses and Ngilgi, Mammoth, Lake and Jewel Caves), which generate 69% of the association’s income (see full breakdown below). Increased visitation to these attractions generates extra income to allow MRBTA to drive visitor servicing activity and destination marketing on behalf of the region and member businesses. Extra income is also used for conservation and further improvements to the sites, to ensure that they are able to attract visitors for many generations to come.